Chilli powder and risk of liver cancer

Chili powder and risk of liver cancer

Aflatoxin, a fungus found in chili powder, can cause liver cancer. People in Myanmar, especially those who enjoy chili powder in many forms, should be extra careful.

Aphrodisiacs in chili powder
Aflatoxin is a fungus that is found mainly in two varieties of fungi , A. flavus and A.parasiticus . There are 14 naturally occurring alfalfa species, with B1, B2, G1 and G2 being the most common. B1 is the worst of the four.

Too much sitting in the body can cause fungal infections and even death if eaten too often.

As a fungus , it is easy to grow in hot and humid places. As a result, alfalfa is more common in Asia and Africa. Fruits can become infected if they are not stored properly before and after harvest. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) , 25 percent of crops are wasted annually due to aphrodisiacs.

As for Myanmar, I would like to draw your attention to chili powder. As in other Asian countries, the climate is warm and humid, and chili powder is an essential ingredient in everyday cooking. In addition, dried peppers can be used in a variety of ways (raw, roasted, cooked, powdered, green) to increase exposure.

Chili powder and liver cancer
In recent years, women have also been diagnosed with liver cancer. Some women do not drink alcohol ; There is no hepatitis B virus . When considering the possibility, do not forget these pepper mushrooms.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified the group as a group 1 liver carcinogen. Fungal infections can be caused by genotoxic drugs. That means it can mutate genes. Because p53 causes genetic mutations. But what causes liver cancer? This is because it destroys the liver in the liver.

How do you know if chili powder contains mushrooms?
The rest of the corn, including chilli powder. Peas must be FDA-approved before they can be tested for mold. Ordinary people find it difficult to see with the naked eye whether or not there is a fungus. This is especially true of ground chilli powder.

How can chilli powder be kept free of mold?
Of course, this is not just a consumer issue. Planter Seller Inspector Everyone who eats it is responsible.

As a grower, I grow corn and other vegetables, including peppers. How to store beans to prevent mold growth ? You need to know how to store before and after harvest. If you have a warm, humid climate like Myanmar, you may need technical assistance.

The seller should not sell moldy products. The examiner also needs to check properly. If there is fungus, it must be removed from the market.

So far, so good. Cooperation; Without empathy, you will still have to eat mold. So the ultimate responsibility lies with the consumer.

Consumers can buy dried chillies, Before you buy beans, mushrooms are growing. Are the colors changing? Check for moisture.

Encourage dried peppers grown in the same area or not too far away. This means that the farther away you go, the more likely you are to get fungus. When it is close, it is fresh.
Only encourage products that come with a warranty. It is now sold with an FDA-approved label that says ‘no chili mushrooms’. Encourage them.

When buying dried peppers at home, be sure to store them. Some people buy dried capsules and grind them at home for fear of fungus. Check the dried capsules for mold. Grind everything that comes with it. If you do not know how to store more, you may become infected.

Eat less peppers . Instead of dipping in chilli oil every day, make it a habit to eat it every day without chili powder.

Aphrodisiacs can withstand moderate temperatures. It can only be damaged at 160 degrees. That is not all. Therefore, it is best to prevent eating from the beginning.

About 5-10% of cancers are caused by genetics and the remaining 90-95% are due to your diet and environment. You can prevent liver cancer caused by chili mushrooms. In a country like Myanmar where there is a lot of pepper, it is impossible not to eat at all. If eaten properly, it can reduce the risk of liver cancer.